Have you ever met someone and felt a strong connection with them? Have you ever been so sure about someone that it just seems like they were meant to be in your life? If so, the chances are that person is your soul mate.

However, many people don’t realize this and spend their lives looking for the one who will make them complete. Luckily, there are ways to find out if the person you have feelings for is actually your soul mate or not!

What To Look For So You Don’t Have To Ask

Asking them if they are a soul mate is the easiest way to find out, but…

Avoid talking to and meeting with your ex for at least two months

Protect yourself as much as possible from accidentally running into your ex. If you are likely to cross paths on your way to work, change your route. Find a new place to shop or play sports.

The same goes for messages and calls. It’s better to temporarily block your ex-partner on social networks or remove their number from your phone than to constantly see them online or in your contacts.

Take up sports

Physical activity releases the so called “happy hormones”. …

Go on staying together

This is an obvious mistake, but your brain may disguise it as an excuse, like hanging out with friends. And now you are already having dinner with mutual friends, or together, going to the cinema, meeting at a bar, arranging home gatherings. This only increases your emotional attachment to your ex.

Thinking you are true soulmates

Continuing to believe you are the only person who can understand your ex only feeds the illusion. All the night-time, heart-to-heart conversations are only dragging you deeper into the past. …

Conflicts and their resolution are the only way to achieving harmony as a couple. Find out what you can gain if you stop avoiding conflict.

You will trust each other more

Conflicts that cannot be quickly resolved terrify many couples so much that they try to avoid them by all means. They believe such quarrels to be fatal to the relationship… but this is completely wrong.

After resolving a conflict you will be less afraid of the next one. You will trust yourself and your partner more, knowing that you can handle disagreements. As a result, you will not put…

Get those lips ready; July 6 is International Kissing Day. It may seem silly, but it is an actual day. Whether you are looking for a long make-out session or just a peck on the cheek, there is no reason not to celebrate. So show your love with an extra kiss on International Kissing Day.

Why Is This Even a Day?

International Kissing Day was started back in 2006 to honor kissing between lovers. However, don’t think that this means you can’t kiss anyone you love.

On the contrary, International Kissing Day celebrates kissing between people, family members, friends, or even strangers. …

Put an end to your previous relationship

Start by taking care of yourself and don’t rush to push forward. If you don’t get over the pain of your previous relationships, new ones will only bring more problems. Wait a little before you start a new relationship after a break-up, or take your time, depending on how difficult it was for you.

Recover from the trauma

You need to rebuild yourself, so start with your basic needs and establish a daily routine for sleeping and eating. As soon as the basics get back to normal, you can resume communicating with your…

Everyone loves June. It’s the beginning of summer and time to get out and show off that beach body you’ve been working so hard on. June is also Pride Month, a time to celebrate LGBTQIA+ people and what they have done for the world. If you don’t quite understand why Pride month is important, here is some background information to help get you caught up.

History of Pride Month

Pride month is every June and started to honor the Stonewall uprising on June 28, 1969. On this day, police raided the Stonewall Inn in New York City. When the police…

According to psychologists, overcoming a break-up may take from three months to three years. Sometimes, however, we don’t go through all stages of healing, from denial to acceptance, because we hold on to memories. Give yourself an opportunity to live out the unexpressed emotions, and honestly answer the question: what do I want? To forgive and let go? To get back to the old relationship? Or to go on living in a world of fantasy? Once you understand why it’s so hard to say goodbye to the past, you can let it go.

The impact of a traumatic experience can…

It’s no secret that a good first impression is important on a date, or your relationship won’t go any further.

The American psychologists have shared with us how to behave so as not to scare away your potential “other half”, and what you should not do on a date.

First, you shouldn’t turn the meetup into an interview with a pre-prepared list of questions. Otherwise, your partner will feel uncomfortable. It is better when the conversation flows freely in different directions.

Competition is also inappropriate when trying to conquer the opposite sex. …

Swiss researchers have demonstrated that the couples who met on dating apps are set up on living together and giving birth. Moreover, such apps encourage building a long-distance relationship and uniting people with different educational backgrounds.

In the last few years, dating apps have been growing in popularity all over the world. But as their popularity grows, so does the criticism of them. It is quite widely believed that dating apps encourage only casual dating, they interfere with building long-term relationships, and worsen intimacy between people. Scientists from the University of Geneva decided to find out whether this is true.

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