Modern Dating Vocabulary Part 5

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2 min readJan 20, 2022

Here are more dating terms you should be aware of and why they aren’t good:

  • Situationship: A casual relationship with someone you are not exclusive with. People often use situationships when they want to date multiple people at once or if they need a cover story. It allows people to hide the fact that they are dating around by calling it a “situationship.”
  • Fire Dooring: Assuming someone is interested in you after just one conversation and never texting them again. Some people with commitment issues will do this because they want to keep options open.
  • Kitten Fishing — To improve your dating chances, you might not be upfront about your intentions. The phrase is a somewhat mild version of CATFISHING because the person presents themselves as interested in dating when this might not be their true intention.
  • Left on Read: Ignoring someone’s text message and not responding until they do something to deserve a response (i.e., like their Instagram photo). This is bad because it shows that you have no interest in them unless they give you the same attention.
  • Negging: The male equivalent of a “bitch slap.” It’s when you criticize someone’s flaws or offer backhanded compliments to put them down, so they feel inadequate. You’re trying to pick someone up in the most insulting way possible. This is bad because it shows insecurity on your part, and it incites competition between insecure people.
  • Phubbing: When you ignore your partner for a phone/technology device. If this happens often, it could signify that your partner is not as invested in the relationship as you are.

If you are finding yourself in any of these situations, don’t despair! Relationship expectations change, and society is moving towards more open-minded definitions of relationships. With this in mind, the best way to avoid modern dating traps is to be honest with yourself and open about what you want. Ready to date safe and find your soulmate? Download Flirtini today!



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