Why you should never eat alone

Scientists from Southern Korea have recently conducted a study and found out why people shouldn’t eat alone. It turned out that eating alone increases the risk of metabolic syndrome, which contributes to the deposition of abdominal fat.

About 8,000 volunteers took part in the scientists’ survey. The specialists asked them questions about how often they eat alone, and compared their answers with the respondents’ health state. Based on clinical statistics, doctors have come to the conclusion that those people who like to eat completely alone were more often diagnosed with metabolic syndrome and an increase in fat mass as a result.

It is noteworthy that the likelihood of developing the syndrome increased by 64% for those men who ate alone at least twice a day compared to those men who ate not alone. For women, this indicator turned out much lower — only 29%.

Based on the research data, the doctors recommended avoiding eating alone in order to avoid the problem of excess weight.

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