What Are The 4 Stages Of Dating?

Do you have one of those friends who’s always in a relationship? You know, the ones who are constantly boasting about their partner’s unique qualities while you sit there wondering when it will be your turn to find someone special?

Well, if so, cheer up. I’m here to tell you that although finding love can seem pretty challenging at times, it’s really all about knowing what you want and making the right moves.

What Are the Four Stages of Dating?

1. Flirting — This is when you start looking for someone special in your life. You might find them in the supermarket or at the gym, but wherever it is, don’t be afraid to smile at them or strike up a conversation. This is the first stage of dating, and you never know where it might lead!

2. Casual Dating — During this stage, two people enjoy each other’s company without any commitment. They may share some intimate feelings, but ultimately they are just testing the waters to see whether they both want the same things in a relationship.

3. Serious Dating — Occurs when both people in a relationship become more emotionally and physically attached. When discussing the serious dating stage, this could mean: becoming exclusive; assessing whether you’re compatible with one another; and planning for future dates together.

4. Committed Relationship/Marriage — This final dating stage is all about loving and respecting each other as a couple and doing things as a pair, such as celebrating anniversaries, socializing with friends, and taking trips together.

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