Understanding That Your Match Wants A Serious Relationship

They Say They Are Looking For A Serious Relationship

This is the most obvious way to understand your match’s needs. If they tell you upfront that they are not looking for something casual and would like a long-term relationship, congratulations! You’ve finally found someone who wants the same thing as you. However, if they only bring up their desire for a deep connection when it’s becoming more obvious that things will end soon, then there might be another motive behind their words.

They Talk About The Future

Imagine yourself in 3 months, six months, and a year from now. If you can see your match in these scenarios with you, then that’s a good sign that they want the same things. Talk about spending time together at different places or doing activities together to see what they say. Not only will this give you an idea of whether they want something serious with you, but it can also help you determine if your visions for the future are similar and whether someday might actually come around faster than expected.

They Ask Lots Of Questions That Show Interest In Getting To Know Who You Are On Deeper Levels

This may be difficult for you to determine, especially if your match is very attractive. But, having a conversation with someone who continues the flow of conversation by asking genuine questions about your personal life shows that they want to learn more about you and see what makes you tick. On the other hand, if your match only cares about what type of car you drive or where you like to shop, then they might not be looking for anything serious.

They Openly Express Their Emotions

If your match talks about how they feel about spending time with you or wanting more than just one night with you, it’s another good sign that they are interested in something long-term. Someone who doesn’t want something serious will never mention their feelings towards the relationship because they don’t want you to know that they care more about having a good time with you than moving things forward. If your match doesn’t express their feelings towards the relationship, then it’s up to you to determine if what they are saying is true or not.



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