Top 10 Tips to Avoid the Most Common Profile Mistakes on a Dating App

Re-read and edit your description, focusing on the positive

Perhaps, you were too harsh or spoke badly of your ex, colleagues, relatives or life in general. Remove all negative statements or you will make a bad impression. Better write about your favorite activities or funny occasions.

Discussing negative experiences you had with your ex is taboo

However bad your ex was, complaining about them on a dating site is the worst thing you could do. Praising or pitying them while berating themselves is also not recommended. You can get away with a few restrained references to your previous marriage or life together, but save the more detailed accounts until you and your potential partner meet face to face.

Don’t be dismissive about online dating

Phrases like “I don’t know why I am here” or “I decided to register for a bet, now I am in shock” will alienate most people. It is unlikely that any of them will commend your disdainful attitude to online dating. People who have high hopes for dating sites or apps will be twice as disappointed.

Don’t try to appear more educated or experienced than you really are

In a conversation, you can easily mess things up by posing as a specialist in law or medicine, but find yourself unable to correctly interpret the easiest of terms when put on the spot. Such tricks will not create the most favorable impression and will fundamentally kill any trust in you.

Don’t get carried away by your own eloquence

If you are a real guru in a particular area or subject, you shouldn’t share the smallest intricacies of your craft or hobby. This is especially true if the person you are talking to doesn’t share your enthusiasm about it. You may create the impression of being a boring or eccentric person.

Avoid using a derogatory tone

Arrogant and condescending statements about the looks, interests, or abilities of a potential partner are not welcome. Boasting or rudely cutting down a conversation will also look bad. Brighten up the inconvenient moments with jokes, or honestly say that you don’t want to discuss certain topics.

Mention intimate details only casually

You shouldn’t brag about your victories, embarrassing others from the very start. It’s better not to go into the intimate details straight away.

Avoid boring clichés

Don’t use well-worn phrases in conversations and your profile description. It’s important to stand out, so try to evoke interest without using stereotypical phrases. Using outdated jokes is also not worth it. Try to think of something more original.

Don’t act like you are James Bond

Don’t say “I’ll tell it all in person” in your profile description. This will only make others disinterested in you. Even if you are completely reluctant, to be frank, you should reveal at least some secrets of your life.

Give others a chance

Who doesn’t want to date a Miss or Mr. Universe with a billion-dollar bank account, remarkably intelligent and kind…? Everybody does! Give others a chance, though. Don’t make extremely long lists of qualities required for your potential partner.

Follow these simple guidelines, get serious about your profile, and we are more than sure you will be in luck very soon.

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