Relationships beforetime and nowadays. How have they changed?


Even 50–60 years ago, the world was predictable, comprehensible, and stable. Women gave birth, men did not interfere with so-called “women’s” business, household, and children care. There were not so many life scenarios, especially for women: marriage was obligatory, children were expected as soon as possible. Everyone had almost the same thoughts and views on life — it is indecent to get divorced, it is suspicious to be single, and childlessness, as well as raising a child without a father, is reprehensible. All deviations from the sharp-cut, generally accepted norms should be neither demonstrated, nor protected, but rather concealed. By the way, such deviations, as some variations of sexuality or unwritten family laws, for instance, were not publicly discussed.


Today’s world is spoken of as a risk society, fluctuating and dynamic. We live under uncertainty concerning what profession to choose so that to become a sought-after specialist, and whether to have children or get married. Everything is as in a fog: what used to be considered a deviation, now is one of the multiple possible options for the norm. Sexuality has acquired the right to diversity, and the range of gender roles and identities has expanded. The requirements for children and adults have also changed. Everyone has the right to their own path, development plan, individuality. Men have the right to cry, women have the right to be childfree. Depression, introversion, personal growth are the psychological terms that have taken root in everyday conversations. There is no concept of the “right” life, everyone chooses how to live by themselves.

A woman can initiate a relationship. Couples often just live together, checking for their compatibility, and only after that, do they register their relationship (often without great ceremonies). Official marriage is no longer the only appropriate form of relationship. It is vital for people to blossom forth side by side and feel emotional comfort.

Our world is transforming and every day, we gain more and more freedom to choose our path and lifestyle. With the Flirtini team, we take the ​​freedom of choice and ease of communication as a basis to make this world more open and tolerant to everyone :)

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