Modern Dating Vocabulary Part 4

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2 min readJan 18, 2022

More dating terms that you may or may not be aware of:

  • Caking: This is a new term for guys who really want to sound like they know what they’re talking about and create the illusion that they have a lot of potential to date a girl. Caking is how guys overdo try to be friends with a girl they like, so she might think he’s a catch and give him a chance. This can be done by putting down other girls, trying to get them to do things for him (such as paying for their date but saying he is too broke), etc.
  • Cleaning: This is when a girl who was already asked out and accepted for a date does not respond to the guy right away because she wants him to work for it. She doesn’t want him thinking that he has her as his “backup plan” or that she’s just one of many girls he may be seeing.
  • Cloaking: When a girl sends you pictures in which it’s clear she’s trying to hide her body, or she is posing in a way that avoids showing her face (such as only looking at the camera with one eye). She may even try to send pictures of herself with friends because it makes her feel like you can’t tell how she looks.
  • Cookie-Jarring: Cookie-jarring is when a guy dates one girl and then moves on to another, punches out, and starts hitting her up before he has finished with the old one. He’s basically trying to keep his options open.
  • Daterview: This is when a guy spends as little time as possible with a girl before asking her to be his girlfriend. He usually has very little in common with the girl besides physical attraction and wants to keep his options open for other girls, so he decides it’s best not to spend too much time with her.
  • Next On Deck: This means that if the current person the girl was with is not giving her what she wanted, he is off the hook, and she will go to “next on deck,” which is the next guy in line.
  • Orbiting: When a girl is trying to show you that other guys are interested in her, don’t get too comfortable if they seem to be standing or sitting near each other.
  • Pocketing: When a girl keeps texting a guy to go out or asking him for a date but is not responding when he tries to ask her. This means that she wants the guy to wait around until she’s ready for him, so it makes her feel wanted.

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