Modern Dating Vocabulary. Part 2

  • Stushing — Is when you are not interested in someone, but they keep contacting you to see if they can change your mind about the friendship. It’s just stalling them with many excuses until they finally realize that they are not interesting to you.
  • Cuffing — Is when you are “cuffed” to someone. It is usually not a serious relationship, but it can be, especially if you have met the person previously and have been together before. This happens in college, where people want to keep being with that person because it is easier than making new friends or risking their current relationship.
  • Uncuffed — Uncuffed is when you have broken up with a person, and they are not even your friend anymore. You can ask someone to be uncuffed from someone else, but it is usually the other way around, a nicer word for dumping a person rudely.
  • Haunting — It’s a terrible place to be. If someone is haunting you, they are still contacting you after the break-up, and this can make you run away. They’re trying to win back your love because they haven’t dealt with the situation appropriately.
  • Text Relationship — This means that most of your communication is through text messages rather than face-to-face or on the phone. It’s complicated to get to know someone when you are doing this because everything comes out short and edited. The person can’t really “read” your face or body language, which is still the best way of communication.
  • Slow Fade — Instead of a fast break up, it is better if you slowly fade out of their life. This means that you gradually stop contacting each other until the person finally realizes what’s going on and can move on with their life. It’s better to break up like this than having someone constantly contact you after they know it’s over because eventually, that will hurt more than the actual break-up.



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