Modern Dating Vocabulary. Part 1.

Modern dating vocabulary has some problematic terms that do not help the dating scene. Benching, breadcrumbing, caspering, ghosting, zombieing are all types of dating that have become popular in this day and age, but what do they mean?

Dating Terms to Know

Breadcrumbing is when they send flirtatious messages without ever meeting up or calling them out on it. This behavior is very inconsiderate towards the receiver because there are expectations created beforehand which are never met, confusing both parties involved.

Caspering is when someone starts seeing someone else without breaking things off with the person they are currently dating. This behavior creates competition between both people, which can cause rifts in what might have been otherwise healthy relationships.

Ghosting is when you end contact with the other person by not answering their texts or phone calls. This form of ending descends into complete radio silence, often leading them to believe something terrible has happened to you.

Zombieing is when they start texting and calling after they have already ghosted you. This is usually their way of trying to convince you to take them back.

Lookism is when someone is partnered with a person who they believe is less attractive than them. This belief can be harmful because it reinforces the idea that looks are more important than personality or intellect and can lead to unhealthy relationships where one person feels inferior.

Love bombing is declared themselves early on and gives lots of compliments and presents, but narcissists often use this to lure their victims in. This behavior is especially harmful because it will likely disappear without warning and leave you feeling hurt and confused.

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