How To Match With A Person Who Wants The Same Thing As You

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3 min readNov 9, 2021


The dating world is such a difficult place! First, you find someone interesting and start talking, but they just don’t want the same thing as you. It’s very frustrating to enjoy talking with your potential partner only to realize that their goals are different from yours.

What do you do? How can you tell if the person will fit perfectly for you? We at Flirtini have found some green flags during the communication process, which will help you decide whether or not you are dealing with the right person. Here they are!

You Get Into Deep Conversations

It happens without your knowledge: one day, you wake up and realize that the individual you’re chatting to for hours on end is interested in learning more about you. You start talking about yourself, but then you’re having a fascinating discussion between two people who enjoy each other’s company! You spend hours discussing matters that are crucial to you! If this describes how they talk, it means they want to get closer to you.

You Make Plans Together

When you know someone’s interests and goals, then you should talk about possible meetups first. The conversation usually goes like this: “Have you ever visited this place?” — “I have, but it was a long time ago” — “Do you want to go there again with me?”. Even if the answer is no, they will still try to find something similar or different, which both of you would enjoy doing together. People looking for genuine relationships show their interest by making plans with people they are flirting with. They do it to show that they are also looking for something serious. Sometimes they might even invite you to meet their friends or families (if you already know them)!

You Have The Same Opinion About Relationships

If your potential partner’s family background is similar to yours, then it will be easier for you to understand each other because you’ve walked the same path before. For example, if one of you was raised in a traditional way where marriage comes first, you should also consider that person your future partner (unless they tell you otherwise). Traditional values are usually fundamental to couples who want lasting relationships.

You Share Similar Future Plans

People usually don’t go on dates just for fun! They go because they want something from that individual, whether sex or love, financial support or agreement about being in open relations. Whatever two people talk about during their first date says a lot about their opinions and view of life. If you’re dating very often, then your partner probably already knows essential things in your life, such as where you work, how much money is needed to feel comfortable financially, and if you want to raise a family or not.

You Like The Same Type Of Humor

Humor is one of the essential things in a relationship because it helps people feel more comfortable. Do you have similar senses of humor? Then definitely give them a chance because you will laugh at things together and feel happier during other activities. Researchers claim that people who love the same kind of jokes (for example, comedies or stand-up shows) are more likely to stay together for many will

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