How To Determine If Your Date Is The Real Deal?

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3 min readDec 28, 2021

It’s so hard to know when you meet someone whether they are in it for the long haul or if they just want to be friends. So, what’s the difference between a fake date and a real deal?

Is Your Date the Real Deal?

1) Pay attention. You’ve got a date with someone you like, and you want them badly! Everything around seems more interesting than usual. The time flies by very fast, and you don’t know how suddenly it happens until weekends go by without any communication between you two. If this pattern keeps repeating itself, your feelings may well be one-sided.

2) Be patient. Don’t expect too much from flirt at first sight. For success, you need time — more than just a few days or even weeks, as the case of high school romance may be. Once you start a relationship, give it a chance to develop. There’s no other way to know whether your date is really into you or not.

3) Be self-reliant. Do things on your own, without waiting for other people to help you — ranging from going shopping and cooking dinner for yourself at home enjoying a book in the park after work to changing a tire in the middle of nowhere as soon as you realize that this may happen any moment during the road trip with your new boyfriend/girlfriend. If they don’t have time or want to do those simple things for you because of being “a little tired today” or even “being lazy,” that’s a good sign that your date is not interested in you.

4) Give each other personal space. If your potential date seems to be so eager to know everything about you, trying hard to get close, or asking too many questions all the time (Are you seeing someone else? Will I see you after work? etc.), pay attention again. These are signs of clinginess and control freak, not love.

5) Notice body language very carefully. If they don’t look at your eyes when they are smiling; if their gaze is always focused elsewhere; if they avoid any physical contact with you (even accidentally hitting your leg with theirs under the table). Or even if they count on others’ opinions regarding how they should act instead of making decisions by themselves — these are clear signs that maybe they feel nothing to you.

6) Listen to your inner voice. It’s the most important sign of all. As they say, “Love is in the air!” If it doesn’t feel right, something isn’t adding up. Don’t let yourself be deceived by your desire for love and affection — that’s what you should listen to instead. True feelings arise when there are no doubts or just little fears left inside the mind to be reassured through action instead of words. When your date starts making you doubt their true intentions all the time, just remember how it felt like before every single date started and enjoy spending time with this person knowing that s/he likes you back!

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