How To Avoid Getting Ghosted

Do not Overdo It: When you’re first getting to know somebody, it can be a good idea to send them a couple of messages per day. You may think that being this available could turn off your possible partner, but it usually works the other way around. They have enough time to ask themselves if they want to meet up with you or not, so try not to send more than 4–5 messages per day.

Be aware of the Time Zone: Different cultures use different ways of telling time and using their watches, so what is considered as early morning in Eastern Asia — waking someone up — might be construed as late-night texting where I come from. Therefore, don’t start messaging before 7 am and wait till 11 pm to end your day. You don’t want them to feel overwhelmed by the amount of attention, do you? If they don’t reply, wait a couple of hours and start a new conversation.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask: Before you call somebody a jerk for ignoring your messages, make sure they got them first! Sometimes other people may read private chats without permission, so ask them if they saw your message. It should not offend anybody since you’re just trying to identify where the problem lies.

Keep Calm and Don’t Be Rude: As previously mentioned, it is straightforward not to answer somebody’s persistent requests or maybe even calm them down once in a while — even if their questions are bugging you. However, try to remain calm and never call them names or use insulting comments. They might get angry and retaliate by ghosting you immediately, so do not give them additional reasons for doing so!

Download Flirtini App: Finally, download the Flirtini app. It is a fantastic tool that will help you determine whether somebody is really ignoring your messages or maybe their phone simply died. After all, it would be unbecoming of you to think that somebody would intentionally ignore you just because they don’t answer right away. People who will stay in touch with others often take breaks from messaging not to bother anybody, and we made this app specifically for such cases. With Flirtini, nobody can ignore without an explanation.

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