Five First Date Questions to Avoid

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3 min readJan 27, 2022

Everyone has heard the horror stories.

You ask your date what they do for a living. Then they spend ten minutes telling you that their middle manager at the water filtration plant thinks it’s his job to micro-manage everything beneath him because he’s convinced everyone will forget about him if his name isn’t mentioned in every single meeting.

It’s annoying enough that they won’t stop talking about this guy (who you now hate as well). Still, then they start telling you that ‘he does it because he feels like he has to live up to the legacy of his predecessor, who personally trained him and detailed his very approach to management.

You haven’t even known the person for five minutes, and already you’re thinking about ways to end the date early.

The first few dates are supposed to be fun. You want to find cute, quirky little things that were different about this person, not listen to them complain about their job for 45 minutes before they get to what they think are the good parts of their life.

To avoid this, here are five questions you should avoid on a first date:

1) What Religion Do You Follow?

This is a big, complicated question with no simple answer.

Every religion has its unique customs and traditions, so knowing that someone follows one faith or another doesn’t tell you much about them. But, on the other hand, it could be the key to unlocking something exciting later on, but you should never ask this question until you get to know someone better.

2) What Do Your Parents Do For A Living?

Your date may not even want to admit that they support their entire family by working two jobs just down the street because it’s embarrassing, so asking someone what their parents do for a living probably won’t help the chemistry of your first date either.

3) How Much Money Do You Make?

This is a bit of a blunt question because you probably aren’t finding out how much money your date makes by looking at them. However, it can be tempting to ask someone what they do for a living after telling you that their job sounds interesting. Don’t do this.

4) Have You Ever Done Drugs?

This question can come up when both parties are slightly drunk, and it’s much too easy to misconstrue the answer. For example, if the person says yes, they may be talking about having tried pot in college or trying some cocaine at a party once before deciding that was not their drug of choice. However, if you spend the next few minutes grilling them about their drug use and feel that you need to explain how you got into the scene, then the date is likely doomed.

5) What Are Your Political Affiliations?

Politics can be a very polarizing subject because people generally only want to talk about it if they know they will get somewhere with it. If you are talking to the opposite political party, your date will probably just walk away because they don’t want to feel like they have nothing in common with you.

Looking For Love?

Unless you are looking for an immediate confrontation or just plain awkwardness, avoid these questions at all costs!

Also, if your date decides to ask you some of these questions and then tells you that they have an eighth-degree black belt in kung fu and are also fluent in Swahili, you should immediately dump them, download the Flirtini app, and actually find the right person out there for you!



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