American psychologists have shared with us the rules of a successful date

It’s no secret that a good first impression is important on a date, or your relationship won’t go any further.

The American psychologists have shared with us how to behave so as not to scare away your potential “other half”, and what you should not do on a date.

First, you shouldn’t turn the meetup into an interview with a pre-prepared list of questions. Otherwise, your partner will feel uncomfortable. It is better when the conversation flows freely in different directions.

Competition is also inappropriate when trying to conquer the opposite sex. You shouldn’t boast of your achievements and try to outdo your partner.

In addition, don’t show a negative attitude. Some people get used to seeing everything in black. Meanwhile, it’s worth noting that negative conversations only push away the opposite sex.

Body language can tell a lot, so it’s important to control your body movements. Slouching or sitting with arms crossed can signal anxiety, lack of confidence, and a defensive stance.

Sarcasm is also inappropriate in a conversation with the opposite sex, as you are unlikely to make a pleasant impression. The habit of bombarding your partner with texts in messengers can also spoil everything.

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