Am I Ready for a Serious Relationship?

Seeking happiness is natural. Some find it in a successful career, others, in friendship or favorite hobbies. Still, at the end of the day it’s love that brings us the most happiness in life. The time comes when we realize we need a partner for a serious relationship. But, being unique as we are, we all come to this realization at our own pace.

So, how do you know you’re ready for it?

Romantic bonds are a great source of inspiration. Think of all the songs and poems born out of love. True romance brings us encouragement and makes us want to charge our partner with positive energy. Besides, being with someone who inspires you is good for personal growth. Your trusted partner can open up a whole new world for you. Just imagine all the new places to go to, things to try and emotions to share! If you feel the need to match your yin (or yang) with your perfect opposite, it’s a good sign to start looking for a real love deal.

Long-term relationships are called “committed” for a reason. This means you’re ready for a brand new life with your partner, where you share not only the ups but also the downs, and learn responsibilities. Living together isn’t a romcom all along, and perfect couples rarely exist outside of movies. But, just as growing up makes you a stronger and better person, so do serious relationships. You’re ready to take this big step forward when the words “fun” and “freedom” no longer outweigh your need for self-fulfillment.

Another sign you’re up to a real relationship is that you’re fine with compromises. Keep in mind that your long-term partner may not share all your tastes and habits. You may start off as a perfect match, but when you finally decide to move in together, the differences between you will really start to show. Compromising is the golden rule for keeping your relationship safe and sound.

Finally, listen to your heart. If it’s telling you this person is your Mr/Mrs Right, put off your doubts and go for it. Whatever skeptics may say, true love exists and everybody gets a chance to meet their special one. Let your heart be your compass and take you to a new and fulfilled life with your dream partner.

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