Modern dating vocabulary has some problematic terms that do not help the dating scene. Benching, breadcrumbing, caspering, ghosting, zombieing are all types of dating that have become popular in this day and age, but what do they mean?

Dating Terms to Know

Benching is when someone keeps seeing or talking to someone, but they…

Do you have one of those friends who’s always in a relationship? You know, the ones who are constantly boasting about their partner’s unique qualities while you sit there wondering when it will be your turn to find someone special?

Well, if so, cheer up. I’m here to tell you…

In the world today, some people are fed up with dating. At the same time, many people see it as a fun, exciting experience that can lead to long-lasting relationships or even new friends. But, unfortunately, some find the process of dating difficult and problematic.

This brings us to the…

The sweetest day is the third Saturday in October that is observed mainly by people in the Midwestern United States. While this may sound like Valentine’s Day over again, there is actually more to it than that.

History of Sweetest Day

The very first Sweetest Day was on October 10, 1921. A committee of…


We all love fairy tales about love from childhood. As we grow up, rom-coms, cheap melodramas, and paperback novels feed our cravings for drama and passion. These genres portray love at first sight, building relationships at cosmic speed, extreme manifestations of feelings, and other (not very healthy) romantic impulses…

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