7 Tips for Filling Out a Profile on a Dating App

What’s the best way to talk about yourself on a dating app? Let us share a few life hacks.

A story about yourself

Don’t write a dry account of your life, as you would when applying for a job. Write creatively, using comparisons, an engaging style and irony. Don’t be afraid to tell others about your flaws and weaknesses, but try sharing them in a friendly and positive way. Once you are done, re-read your text. Does it sound good? If you think so, this means that others will like it too.

A catchy status

It could be a quote from your favorite movie or a novel, or just a funny catchphrase. Try not to be tedious or vulgar. One or two phrases will be more than enough, so stay brief.

Don’t use clichés

It’s important to accurately describe the situations and circumstances in which you find yourself. Your jokes should be moderate. Use a polite and playful, but not vulgar tone, and proofread your text before posting it. There is no need to overuse emojis, exclamation marks, interrogative expressions and capital letters. Avoid ambiguity or hints to prevent any misunderstandings.

Spelling and punctuation

It’s hard to make a good impression if your text is poorly worded and full of grammatical mistakes.

Never lie, especially about important things

If you have signed up to find a partner for a couple of dates without obligation, it’s better to be clear about it from the start. If you want to build lasting relationships, you don’t need to hide it or be ashamed. The more honest you are with your potential partners, the higher are the chances of finding your soulmate and avoiding disappointment. Profession, education and age should not be a mystery. Though, if you want to get married in a few weeks and have a lot of children, it’s better to not mention this on the first date.

Be brief in describing your positive sides

You can talk about yourself endlessly, but you shouldn’t do this in your profile, or you will risk making yourself look egotistical. Three short paragraphs about yourself are more than enough (Don’t forget about the mobile version!). You can include a short story or a funny episode in your text. Don’t limit yourself to a few scarce phrases, otherwise your profile will not arouse much interest.

Comply with safety rules

Don’t include your home address, personal phone numbers, place of work or position. Don’t specify how much you earn. Avoid posting photos with expensive antiques in the background or a car with a clearly visible registration number.

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