10 Signs of Love Bombing

People who love bomb are willing to do whatever it takes to sweep you off your feet. But what is the true motive behind their over-the-top affection? Even though their acts of kindness might seem so sincere, view them as a red flag and remember that nothing in this world comes for free.

What Is Love Bombing?

This leaves you confused and hurt: after all, if they loved me so much, why did they stop? So while this might sound like an ideal relationship at first glance, don’t let your emotions blindside your good sense.

Warning Signs: 10 Things To Look Out For

1. The person always needs to be around you but never wants to meet your friends or family.

2. This person is eager for you to start dating them — they say things like “I don’t want us to waste time” or “as soon as I met you, I knew we were meant to be together.” If it sounds too good to be true…it probably is!

3. They give an impression of having very similar interests and values: in fact, they seem almost mirror images of each other! Remember: opposites attract, and differences can make relationships last.

4. They start giving you small gifts that seem entirely out of proportion to the time you’ve known each other.

5. You have an off feeling about them but can’t really explain why — so you push your doubts away and try to convince yourself that they’re a good person deep down inside!

6. This person seems to require control and ownership of you: they want to be the only one in your life, and they get really angry or upset if you’re around other people more than them.

7. You and this person only communicate through texting and social media: there’s no face-to-face communication at all!

8. This person claims that their ex was a bad partner and had been manipulating them all this time — even though they just broke up with them!

9. They gripe about everything you do and become irritable when you don’t perform precisely as they request.

10. If you catch them in a few lies, they’ll justify it by blaming someone else: this is known as scapegoating and is another indication of projection.

Avoid Becoming a Love Bomber

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